Monday, December 20, 2010

STEVE PAVLINA - Highly Recommend
---Steve had a realization at 19 years old, while sitting in a jail cell for a felony He decided to dedicate his life to personal growth and hasn't looked back. An easy listen and very practical. Oh, yeah! Very honest.

---Evidently, in his thirties, he does pretty well for himself. Click the link above and see if you maybe interested in the subjects he covers. I realize, myself, that my blogs have many allusions to personal growth, but I feel that that really is the road to happiness. (Self Acceptance is really the same road.)

---It is said that you know you have taught well, when the students can think fluidly, about the subject. Nowadays, there are so many good things to listen to, that I just put things I think viable and let the reader choose which is the most listenable to him.